The history of Cony Art traces back to early 1970s when the Yang family established their first gallery at Ujung Pandang, south of Celebes, which was the hub of the flourishing sea route for trade dating back to as early as the turn of the millennium. Being avid collectors and connoisseurs of fine Chinese and Southeast Asian antique ceramic themselves, they diligently scoured the extensive remote corners of this historically rich region to assemble an outstanding collection of some of the finest and rarest antiquities.

Today, some of these early acquisitions became a part of Cony Art's substantial and impressive inventory. 

In 1980, Cony Art moved downtown to Jakarta, capital city. It soon became a favorite rendezvous for serious antique collectors locally and internationally. This positive interaction encouraged the overall awareness of antique ceramics which in turn contributed to preserving the intrinsically rich history. 

In 1993, The gallery expanded further with the opening of Cony Art Singapore in the heart of the town's busy shopping area. Guided by their traditional ethos of integrity, conviction and knowledge, this a very fundamental business philosophy helped to carve a niche for Cony Art in Singapore's growing antique art market. 

Known for its seriousness in maintaining the highest business ethic of selling  only genuine antiques, in 1995 Cony Art was selected to grace the Singapore Global City for The Arts catalogue, an exclusive art and antique guide, published by the country's art authority Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Information and the Arts. In 1996 Cony Art was again selected for the Destination Singapore the Arts Experience catalogue by Singapore Tourism Board, followed by the Discovering The Art Singapore handbook. 

In this new Millennium Cony Art wishes to thanks all our valuable clients and organizations who made it possible for us to won the honor of being selected again in the second edition of Singapore Global City For The Arts catalogue by Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Information and the Arts.

The gallery in Singapore houses an impeccable spectrum of Chinese ceramic from Han, Tang, Song and Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty as well as the other oriental antique ceramic from ancient kilns of Annam, Sukothai and Sawankhalok. 

A notable statement at the gallery is the wide range of rarities vividly stage amidst the graceful and unhurried setting. The enchanting romance of antique ceramic comes alive. Be intrigued. Experience the renaissance at Cony Art...